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Virtual IT Manages Services (VIMS)

Virtual IT Managed Services provides a UK-based IT resources and skills to help you manage your cloud infrastructure and services more efficiently. VIMS is a rapid-response service covering first, second and third line support to helps you keep your organisation managed, monitored, protected and always running, minimising downtime, and cost.

Why does it benefit you?

Peace of mind
‘Round the clock’ IT support for your organisation through a highly skilled team covering a wide range of disciplines. Incident resolution is typically faster than in-house resources, posing no resource constraint on your people.
Know the status of your IT
We are the ‘eyes and ears’ of your IT service on a 24x7 basis, so you don’t have to be. When it comes to service availability, our pro-active approach keeps us one step ahead.
Boost continuity and productivity
We continually back up your critical and relevant business information to eliminate data loss and delay. Fast data restoration helps keep your organisation operational in the event that any information is lost or becomes compromised.
Optimised service results
We ensure services are running as efficiently and effectively as possible to support rapid provisioning. Our strategic planning approach helps you prepare your business IT for the future, optimising your competitive edge.
On-demand IT services
Fast delivery of service and process change requests whenever you need them, gives you the ability to keep your organisation as agile as possible.
Single point of contact
With a single point of contact for all your service related issues and requests, you can rest easy knowing you’ll always have someone on hand that knows your situation.

Re-solution’s Virtual IT Managed Team (VIMT) will respond to security incidents using the following approach


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Event Analysis

Upon detection, events which impact on security will be analysed to ascertain whether they need to be upgraded to a Security Incident for further action.




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Security Incident Categorisation

If the event is defined as a Security Incident, it will be categorised considering the cause, priority, potential impact and the urgency of response in line with the agreed ITIL based Service Management framework.




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 Security Incident Response

The security analysts, resolver groups and service management team, plus identified Customer stakeholders as defined within the overarching Service Management Framework and Communications Plan, will agree on the most appropriate course of action. When a course of action has been implemented, its effectiveness will be assessed so that if the chosen course of action needs to be extended further appropriate action can be taken.



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Post-Incident Analysis

After each Security Incident, the post-incident analysis shall be undertaken to:

• Ensure that the conduct of the investigation was appropriate.
• Consider the lessons identified, where the conduct of the investigation could be improved.
• Ensure that all mitigating actions have been taken.












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