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Managed Security Services

Re-solution provides comprehensive managed security solutions utilising Cisco’s CloudCenter platform.CloudCenter is an application-centric hybrid cloud management platform that securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys applications to data centres, private cloud, and public cloud environments.


Full Life-cycle Management

Cisco CloudCenter delivers a full life-cycle approach to application deployment and management on any cloud. The solution is carefully designed to optimise work streams and provide users with the power of self-service on-demand deployment while reducing the need to understand the nuances of the underlying cloud environment.

The approach includes three phases that empower users to quickly and easily model, deploy, and manage application stacks on demand. The solution also gives administrators enterprise-class visibility and governance control across boundaries of applications, clouds, and users.



Unique Hybrid Cloud Management Solution

The power of the Cisco CloudCenter solution comes from its unique, patented technology. The solution combines a cloud-independent application profile, which defines deployment and management requirements for the application stack, with a cloud-specific orchestrator, which abstracts the unique aspects of the environment and provisions infrastructure and deploys and configures application components in a way that is optimised for that environment’s infrastructure and cloud services.
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Cisco CloudCenter Manager is a centralised management portal that allows users to quickly and easily model, deploy, and manage applications.
It also gives administrators enterprise-class visibility and governance control of applications, clouds and users.

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The Cisco CloudCenter application profile is a user-created model of an application’s deployment and management requirements in a portable and cloud-independent format. Each application profile is easily created with a simple, visual, drag-and-drop topology modeller using a library of ready-to-use or customised services, images and containers.

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Cisco CloudCenter Orchestrator is a cloud-specific multi-tenant orchestration tier that is transparent to users and is installed in each data centre private cloud or public cloud environment. It interprets the needs of the application; provisions infrastructure resources; deploys the application components and, optionally, data; manages the deployment, including run-time policies; and aggregates use and cost information.  







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